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  In our community, where violence is prevalant a common bond is shared by the families of the souls stolen due to violence. A common bond of a tragic loss of loved ones, a common bond of living with the pain, a common bond of unanswered questions and the common bond of wanting peace & justice. It was this bond that caused three families to join together as one to bring awareness to their loved ones unsolved murder.


   In doing so the first peace walk was formed on the 2 year anniversary of Jameila Hesseltine, a mother & sister murdered in her home and left for her 2 children, a 5yr old & 6yr old to find the next morning, September 12, 2013, as a result of this, over 200 individuals were in attendance with many representing their own loved one stolen. Since then 2 more peace rallies have been formed in memory of Davon & Robert Nash, two brothers, both father's murdered within 106 days apart & James Moss Jr, a father, husband & brother murdered in his home and left for his sister to find.



  The efforts & determination of these three families are what created the support system F.O.T.S. The main goal of the F.O.T.S organization is to be a strong support system for the families with much focus on the children that have been directly affected by the voilence in our community. As a community sharing a common pain, a common struggle, a common fear; as a community, we as the families of the stolen souls share a common goal of wanting justice for our stolen loved ones and peace for our children and community.

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